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The «Business System» of your company is the key to:

  • Grow, accelerate and scale the company.
  • Achieve predictable results.
  • Release the owners and managers of the daily operation.

«Without a business system the entrepreneur does not have a business, he has a job»

What is the idea behind Genniux?

After 20 years of research and experience with companies in multiple industries, Victor Heredia and the EmpowerLabs team have confirmed the importance for every entrepreneur of having a Business System, and have concluded that employees in all companies are constantly seeking to respond to «The 5 essential questions in every organization».

Where are we going?

How are we doing?

What do I have to do now?

How should we do it?

How can we improve?

Genniux is a technological platform designed to build a «Business System» and to be able to respond to «The 5 Essential Questions in Every Organization» in a dynamic way in real time.

Likewise, Genniux facilitates the exponential increase of productivity through strategic management boards and mobile apps, reducing…

  • Redundant communication.
  • Time and number of unproductive meetings.
  • Constant interruptions.
  • Time of information search.
  • Faults and errors due to lack of communication and adequate coordination.

Most busineses are suffering massive unproductivity.

Did you know that 60 – 85% of work with traditional methods is wasted?

The collaborators:

  • Are interrupted every 3 – 5 minutes.
  • Dedicate 30% of the time searching for information that they find only 50% of the time.
  • Participate in meetings that waste 60% of people’s time.
  • Spend hours on email and messaging looking and responding to redundant communication.
  • Commute too many hours (according to the OCDE, communiting time is considered labor time).

Work and business management has become increasingly ineffective and super complicated. It’s time to simplify and focus on what really matters.

An organization changes not by adopting new tools, but by transforming it’s culture.

Genniux provides not only a powerful technology but the methodology and the culture framework to help your organization reach the next level of productivity and performance.

Genniux includes three components:


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